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Blogging is thinking in front of others. . .

Michel-Edouard Leclerc on his corporate blogging experiences. Scoble, Israel, Naked Conversations, p. 118

Suck It Up

Tune into my literary fandango and experience the no holds barred process of finding an agent and/or publisher for my novels. Learn how to PUBLISH or . . . PERISH the thought, remain in the great slush pile of scribblers. Here comes rejection. Time to SUCK IT UP!

Reading Proust In Foxborough

Proust and his masterpiece, Remembrance of Things Past, will be my obsession, fixation, demon, cattle prod, hobby and motivator in 2007. Will reading Proust, thinking about the man and his milieu and his great novel inform my writing?

The Shadow Warriors

The Shadow Warriors is a genre-busting novel of suspense, incorporating international locales (Singapore, Hong Kong, Boston, Brussels and Germany), technology (software agents) and the derring-do at a German university. The story is framed by an outbreak of information warfare. Emma Lee Davis, a web security consultant, must dredge up a painful summer in her past to discover a means to end the info-war that has disrupted civilization.