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Plants and Flowers

Bulb Planting Tips
Prepare the soil well. Dig the holes a mite deeper than necessary and backfill with a little bone meal mixed into the soil.
Plant the bulbs at the proper depth. Give each bulb a little 'twist' to set it into the soil. Tamp down the earth with your
feet after planting

Chrysanthemums in Winter
Mulch mulch mulch. Use leaves, hay or evergreen branches.
During the blooming season, deadhead the flowers frequently to encourage new blooms,
but don't pinch back after the first of August.

An Excellent Gardening Book: How to Grow Almost Everything
by Stanley Schuler, Pocket Books

Geraniums! Geraniums!
3 methods to keep them over the winter:
1) Remove dirt from roots and take the leaves off the stems. Hang upside down in a cool dry place,
and replant again in the spring. 2)Root cuttings from new growth of mature plants
(discard woody stems) in moist sand or in potting soil. Grow over the winter, and plant outdoors in the spring.
3)Cut mature plants back and place in a sunny window. Feed occasionally. Do not over water.

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