Judy Copek - Novelist * Blogger * Poet * Geek * Traveller * Cook * Gardener

I am likely the only person you will ever meet who was born in Montana. I grew up on the High Plains of Colorado and moved down to Houston to pick up a B.A. in English from Rice University. After a stint in Chicago, I moved to New England where I spent twenty-plus years as an Information Systems nerd, a natural choice for an English major. Bet you didnít know that English Lit. and Computer Science go together like tomatoes and basil. Thatís because analytic skills are transferable to any occupation and helped me survive Dilbert-like re-engineering projects and the Millennium Bug.

In my writing, I like to put a literary spin on technology, and to show technologyís humor and quirkiness along with its scary aspects. When Iím not writing, cooking or digging in the garden, Iím on a Baltic beach or at Burning Man in the Nevada desert researching my next novel. Some of the groups I belong to are Toastmasters, Sisters in Crime, and Mystery Writers of America. Iím also a founding member and on the board of the New England Crime Bake Mystery Conference.

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