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The Shadow Warriors by Judith Copek ISBN-I-59109-960-9

Geeky, glamour puss Emma Lee Davis stumbles onto a chilling plot to wage Information Warfare by sending with a phalanx of software agents, shadow warriors, into cyberspace. The terrorists carry laptops, not bombs, but their aim is just as deadly. The story begins when a body washes up on a Singapore beach and pulls us across the globe in the quest to stop the madness before power plants melt down and planes are set on collision courses.

World of Mirrors by Judith Copek ISBN: 978-1-61309-929-2

A glamorous high-tech consultant has agreed to retrieve state-of-the art software in East Germany with a colleague and ex-lover who keeps her in the dark. As she navigates a landscape of sociopaths and unrehabilitated Stasi, Zara realizes she's in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong man and no exit strategy.

Short Bio: An information systems nerd for twenty years, Judy is a survivor of the Millennium bug and Dilbert-like reengineering projects. In her writing, she likes to put a literary spin on technology. . Judy is a member of New England Sisters in Crime, MWA, and is a founding member of the New England Crime Bake Mystery Conference. The Shadow Warriors and World of Mirrors are available as trade paperback ane ebooks. World of Mirrors is published by Wings ePress.

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