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World of Mirrors is set on an island off the Baltic coast in the former DDR, and the year is 1990, the time of the turn. The Berlin wall has crumbled, but Germany is not yet reunified. Against the seductive decadence of an old resort with its classic sailboats, nude beaches and crumbling casinos, Zara Gray, a consultant to high tech firms, and T.K. Drummond, a man who finds people and fixes situations, must track down an American software thief before he can fence a stolen copy of his company’s bleeding-edge new software. Zara narrates the story as she fights the fear that their mission is jinxed from the beginning. Bad decisions and chilling discoveries threaten to sabotage the project. The situation further unravels during a sailing weekend, and turns deadly at a Midsummer Festival. Trapped in a matrix of betrayal, Zara and T.K. must rely on two unlikely people to help them escape the island and in a final, desperate gambit to save the software, Zara must perform her own dangerous treachery.

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-61309-073-2 POD ISBN: 978-1-61309-929-2 Published by Wings ePress

Emma must delve deep into the past to find a weapon to end the Infowar that threatens to de-stabilize a computer-dependent global economy. She scrambles to make the connections between a body washing up on a beach in Singapore, and the technical derring-do at a German university. She tracks a desperate hacker planning a unique software auction, a determined entrepreneur who will stop at nothing to acquire ‘bleeding edge’ software and tumbles onto a new generation of terrorists with their own agenda.

Emma and her colleagues are sucked into a vortex of lies, spies, and betrayals and ultimately into the sleaze and paranoia of Berlin in the months before the wall comes down. Not quite glamorous, sometimes nerdy, always irreverent and intuitive, Emma becomes the reluctant sleuth as she scrambles to manage a software project and her complicated love life, while puzzling over the paradox,if our mission is to stop computer crime, why are we abetting it

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